Coaching with Alexandra has helped me in building key relationships, thinking through approaches, framing strategic questions, determining priorities and the plans to achieve them, thinking through how to address issues with others, and time management. It has also made me a better manager and team leader.
— Engineering Manager, Federal Government Agency Contractor | Pasadena, California

I’ve been working with Alexandra as my Executive Coach since 2010, working on my leadership competencies and emotional intelligence and wanted to share what an incredible difference she’s helped make in my career. Her openness, friendliness and professional insights have made it very easy and enjoyable working with her, even when she’s helped me reflect on some raw nerve moments I’ve had with others…Just what we really need as execs—a confidant, guide and superb sparring partner to help me shake out my ideas.

Results speak even better—promoted three times, elected to a National Board—I credit Alexandra’s astute guidance in every case.
— Ian Sharpe, Executive Leader and Board Member

My company has supported government and private sector clients with organizational development and performance challenges over the last three years with a great record of success. Alexandra Ross has been an integral part of and contributor to the success of these endeavors. Alexandra helped the company develop winning proposals, and most importantly, delivering results. She always comes to the table well prepared, challenges the groupthink, and shows great competency and leadership in her field of expertise as a coach.

Most recent examples are with private-sector clients experiencing rapidly declining performance ratings, not demonstrative of the technical talent of the staff. Alexandra helped us develop improvement plans that focused on team and individual behaviors. She played a pivotal role coaching key leaders in the team, and helping the company craft activities specially tailored to address team performance issues. I am pleased to say that the teams turned around the declining ratings. The company has received excellent reviews as a result, and Alexandra has been very much part of that success.

Alexandra demonstrates excellent leadership abilities, individual and team coaching expertise, agility, and a commitment to success that is hard to match. I am delighted to count her as a partner in the company endeavors.
— Orlando Figueroa, LhD Sc, NASA (Retired) President, Orlando Leadership Enterprises LLC

I can’t describe the many significant ways that coaching with Alexandra has impacted my professional, personal and spiritual life since I started coaching about 9 years ago. Alexandra Ross is a phenomenal coach and has guided me through some rough issues at work, from dealing with difficult bosses, peers, employees, stakeholders. Her coaching has shed light that has guided me to self-realizations that have improved my health and home/family life. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.
— Robin Krause, President, Stratiget, LLC | Greenbelt, Maryland

I appreciate you and all of the help you have given me. The people I work with are very, very good at their jobs. Managing such a diverse and talented crew does take all of my years of experience. You give me the edge I need in meeting their needs in getting the job done.
— Technical Manager, Federal Government Agency | Greenbelt, Maryland

Coaching with Alexandra has helped me develop a skill set to deal with people and situations much more effectively. It has helped me to think about things very differently. Now I stop and look at what I may be doing or saying in terms of how it may be impacting others.
— Senior Manager, Federal Government Agency | Greenbelt, Maryland

Coaching helps to provide a skill set so that I’m tuned into my interactions with others. Once I understand those interactions, I can develop strategies for moving my agenda forward that will be effective and not offend anyone.
— Senior Leader, Federal Government Contractor | Pasadena, California

Alexandra has consistently provided me with great tools to help me do some of my best work as an executive in the nonprofit industry. It never ceases to amaze me how she is always able to pinpoint the exact skills I need to sharpen in order to resolve my leadership challenges. Alexandra never gets misled by dubious excuses or intellectual rationalizations. Her ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ style of coaching is maximally effective, especially in difficult situations when the stakes are high and time is of the essence.
— Porcia Chen Silverberg, Executive Director, San Francisco Bay Area non-profit

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