How does coaching work?

When you engage in a coaching relationship with me, you are beginning a journey into self-awareness. And if you don’t already know it, you will quickly discover that self-awareness is the foundation for everything. You are beginning a process that will help you redefine the terms of your reality and help you to be intentional about creating outcomes and relationships that infuse you with enthusiasm and a real feeling of purpose.

Before diving into our actual coaching, we will have a conversation to set our operating agreements for working together. When we start coaching together, the agenda will always be yours. This means we can discuss any topic that has your attention and needs resolution I will provide tools and guidance along the way to make sure we are working together to get the coaching outcome you want. We will also talk about how to practice your skills between coaching sessions and together will come up with ways to easily support you in doing this.

Just to give you an idea of some potential topics for our coaching: You could use our session to prepare for an upcoming conversation with a key stakeholder. (I will introduce you to an amazing tool that will really support your success here!) Or the session could focus on repairing a relationship with any key relationship, such as a boss, direct report or customer. It could also involve inspiring team members to be more productive. Other topics could include delegating, time management, preparing for a promotional opportunity, providing important feedback. The topics are really endless!

So if you are tired of things just “happening” to you, and can imagine the possibility that you could actually take charge of your work environment and your professional relationships in a way that empowers you to create the outcomes you want, let’s talk.

What I’ve seen in my clients over the years is that by building leadership skills—and developing the ability to use them effectively—they can achieve rewards and benefits well beyond what they initially imagined.

Who Is A Good Coaching Candidate?

That’s a good question! Perhaps you want to engage a coach to help you with a specific issue that is keeping you awake at night (see the Home page). Or, maybe you are interested in and committed to your professional development and want to engage in the coaching process to ensure your success. Anything that fits into these categories makes for a strong reason to engage a coach. The main thing is that you have motivation and commitment to your professional development and / or to resolving a problem that will support your ongoing development. Just a gentle aside: you don’t want to engage a coach to “fix” someone else, because that won’t work.

What Expectations Should You Have Of Me?

Coaching is not therapy and it is not mentoring. An effective coaching relationship should support you in accessing the best of yourself to accomplish that which you are here to do. With your permission, you can count on me to be your confidential, impartial sounding board. To be your accountability partner when you want to get something done. To support you in developing, fostering, and sustaining key relationships. To give you a fresh perspective when you can’t see other choices. To be a sounding board for your ideas and strategies. To partner with you as you work through issues—whether they be personnel-related, task-related or strategic. To see and reflect back to you your strengths and wisdom when you occasionally lose sight of them yourself. In short, to champion you in what you are here to do.

The other thing that you can expect of me is that I hold EVERYTHING we talk about in confidence. This is important for you to know—especially if I am coaching others in your organization.

Finally, I use humor. Because your professional development process does not have to be a grind. It can and (in my opinion) should be fun. Also, I think humor helps us to lighten our load, so to speak, allowing us to be open to insights we may not otherwise have access to. Coaching is also a process of self-discovery. So why not enjoy the process because, along the way, you are highly likely to gain access to some internal resources that will end up serving you very well.

I’m not saying that this journey will be a laugh a minute. But what I am saying is that…well, never mind. I think you get it!

What Expectations Do I Have Of You?

First and foremost, I expect you to bring your most committed self to our coaching relationship. Essentially, this is a commitment that you make to you, for you. I won’t lie to you and say that once you get a coach it’s like taking a magic pill that will “fix” all that ails you; it won’t. I can promise that if you do bring your best, most committed self to the process, we will be a formidable team. A team that can help you accomplish what you most want.

Because a coaching relationship is really a partnership, it is important that we have some operating agreements about how we will engage with each other. These can vary a bit from person to person. But one thing is essential. And that is that we have the freedom to be respectfully honest with each other. For instance, if something is not working for you in the way our coaching is proceeding, I want and expect you to address this with me and let me know what would work better for you. By the same token, if I perceive something as being amiss in our coaching relationship, I think you would want me to take the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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