Alexandra Ross LLC offers coaching, consulting, assessments and workshop services internationally.

Individual Coaching Services

Coaching can be in person or by telephone or video conference call. Coaching frequency and duration are customized to the individual and are based on what works best for you.


Individual development assessments are available and may be used along with coaching to support professional growth and development. Assessments provide a good baseline measurement and can be helpful in identifying specific areas on which to focus the coaching. Follow on assessments are helpful in measuring change and providing additional guidance for professional development and coaching efforts.

Team Coaching Services

Team coaching is for organizational teams assigned to a particular division, unit, department, project or program, or for teams that share an affinity interest or job. Team coaching is best when initially done in-person. Follow-on sessions may be done via telephone or video conference call. Team coaching services include the use of a team development assessment conducted at the beginning and end of the coaching work. This allows for baseline measurement, identification of initial focus areas and follow up measurement.

Workshop Services

  • Team building and development
  • Managing conflict and change
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Creating and sustaining a coaching culture

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