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Free download for Back Pocket Coach- 33 Effective Strategies for Work & LifeAvailable Wednesday, June 8 - Thursday, June 9 on Amazon. Click here for your free download of Back Pocket Coach: 33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work & Life!  No matter what your role in an organization, Back Pocket Coach will complement your existing tools and strategies to help you create seriously effective outcomes.

Leaders and Managers: Who doesn’t want to manage a team that is known for its high performance and its collaborative spirit? Or, be part of an organization where you feel valued for your contributions and enjoy coming to work? Back Pocket Coach’s powerful communication strategies can help you get there.

Human Resources / Organizational Development Professionals: Back Pocket Coach can be used to support training and development curricula. The modular nature of the strategies offers flexibility for training events that range from 30 minutes to a full day. Back Pocket Coach can also be useful for internal coaches and human resources business partners in meetings with customer stakeholders.

External Coaches: Experienced executive and business coaches know that inspiring their clients to adopt a learning mindset will help them go further, faster. Back Pocket Coach offers 33 strategies to support your work with your clients. It is a concise, effective learning tool that can be used in coaching sessions and can support ongoing learning and development with practice between sessions.

Here’s what people are saying about Back Pocket Coach...

A Private Coach--in your back pocket: “We all have situations in our business lives when we wish we could call someone and get coached through the problem and best response. Back Pocket Coach does that, and helps prepare us ahead of time for situations that might arise. Alexandra and Diane bring their considerable Executive Coaching experience to this tool to help in four areas: One-on-One Conversations, Conversations On-the-Fly, In Meetings and Self Reflection. My favorite: "What Outcome Do You Want?" It works not only for sticky business situations, meetings but also in personal life. Who doesn't want vetted, successful communication strategies in their life?” -- M.A., Denver

Convenient and easy to use: “Convenient and easy access to very helpful tips on navigating difficult situations and conversations. Situations that require immediate action and responses do not allow me to run back to my office and find the right approach for handling the situation. Having this material in my iPhone, easily accessible and easy to navigate makes it a very useful tool.” -- R.G., California

Concise and Targeted Coaching is Ready-to-Use: “Find experienced, concise and targeted coaching in this extremely user-friendly tool. I've not seen anything like it before. I love this ready-to-use coaching for "just in time" situations as well as for contemplating more deeply. As a trainer, I plan to use these cards in various training environments to help people achieve better results in relationships at work and beyond. Their website blog generously provides even more perspective to some common issues. Their years of experience show up in their style of clear, upbeat, and empathetic communication.” D.W., Boulder

Back Pocket Coach is available for all Apple and Android mobile devices and can be easily accessed using the free Kindle app.

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